Over time, you may begin to notice your roof isn’t looking as clean as it used to. However, sometimes the warning signs are less noticeable. This can be dangerous: if you overlook or neglect your roof then this may have an impact on the structural integrity of your building, not to mention it can ruin the overall aesthetic of your property.

We’ve put together a list on how to tell if your roof needs cleaning so that you can stop the warning signs before they’ve even had a chance to cause some mischief.

Moss and algae build-up

IF you’ve noticed your roof has changed colour and darkened then this may be because of algae and moss build up. This might be difficult to tell if your whole roof has darkened. However, there should still be some areas on your roof where the roof is closer to its original colour. Looking for these contrasts tells you that it’s time for a roof clean.

At Acorn Property Improvements we specialise in roof cleaning. Although moss removal might sound easy, there’s more to it than just flicking off a bit of moss. To avoid damaging the roof itself, small brushes need to be used in a special way to scrape off the moss. Fungicides also help remove moss.

Raised roof shingles

Raised roof shingles is also an indication that your roof needs to be cleaned. The build-up of moss and algae can physically shift the structure of your roofing by pushing it out of its original position. Raised roof shingles can also be an indication of fungus growth,

Before the roof can be repaired, the fungus needs to be removed. This is because any repairs made to the fungus will be a waste of time and money. If left untreated, the fungus can spread and do more damage.

General dirt build-up

It’s easy for a roof to become covered in just general grime. Anything from animal droppings to debris from scaffolding can quickly pile up onto your roof. More than anything else, this spoils the general aesthetic of your roof.

Holes or leaks

Have you noticed one, or even multiple rooms leaking? This is a strong indication that your roof has holes in it. This is the result of neglecting to keep up with the maintenance of your roof. Over time, general wear and tear can develop into more serious damage. If you do have a hole in your roof then consulting with experts is the best way to find the most cost-effective solution. At Acorn Property Improvements we make sure each roof is properly examined to give you a reliable and secure figure.

Checking in with yourself

Be honest with yourself – how long has it been since you last cleaned your roof, or even thought about cleaning your roof? It’s easy to become a little bit lazy with roof maintenance, but it is still important. Failing to do so means you may miss little problems which could have otherwise been easily solved.

Our roofing company in Cambridge specialises in all different aspects of roofing. We offer a range of different roofing services, including both flat and tiled roofing. Because we like to think we know a thing or two about roofing, we’re also pretty confident we can clean them the right way. Our roofing services in Cambridge provide quality cleaning so that you can display your roof in all its glory.