There are a number of roof styles and materials that roof installers in Cambridge work with, here is why torch on felt may be the one you are looking for. Give us a call today.

What is Torch on Felt Roofing?

If you aren’t all too familiar with roofing you might be wondering what exactly is ‘torch on felt’, so before we tell you why you should consider it, here is what it means. Torch on felt roofing refers to a type of covering for flat roofs where multiple layers of bitumen felt are put down onto a roof and a blowtorch is used to carefully melt-weld the layers together and connect them to the roof.

This is the complete process and the simple nature of it is why torch on felt is one of the most popular roofing methods in the UK, in the hands of a professionally trained roofer this method is extremely quick and reliable. It is important to mention that, unlike some other roof solutions, torch on felt can be installed in wet or dry conditions, making it incredibly reliable in our seemingly year-long British wet season.

Benefits of Torch on Felt

Besides the speed and ease of installation, there are a number of reasons to choose this type of roof. First and foremost is durability; the material is very long-lasting and is not affected by wear and tear from the elements, neither UV rays, rain or sunlight affect it.

Three-layer torch on felt can last around thirty years when properly maintained, so while it isn’t the cheapest option on the market the long term value cannot be understated.
Repairs, unlikely as they are, are just as easy as the initial installation, so if after a few years it isn’t quite holding up it is a quick fix to sort any weak patches out.

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