There’s nothing like a roaring fire when the temperature drops. But if you’ve noticed tiles in your fireplace or crumbling mortar on the chimney breast it could be time to get your chimney repaired. Here’s why it’s important to get the job done by a professional rather than tackling it yourself.

Experience and expertise

Creosote build-up, a faulty chimney cap, or a clogged chimney. All are potentially dangerous and easily missed if you’re not a chimney repairs professional. Even the simplest maintenance jobs depend on quality workmanship for the best results.

With a fully licensed and insured Cambridge roof repairer you can relax knowing everything is in safe hands and you’ll receive the best service possible.

Access to specialist equipment

Working at height can be dangerous and requires specialist training and equipment. Hiring a specialist chimney repairs Cambridge based company means the work will be done to the highest possible standards. And you won’t have to hire equipment or ladders to get the job done.

A professional company will also provide materials and clear away waste for a neat and effective repair.

Saves time and money

Although hiring a professional for your chimney repair costs more upfront, you’ll make big savings in time and money. If you need roof repairs Cambridge and chimney damage is spotted, your contractor will prefer to have the repair work done before they start on your roof.

Leave it to the professionals

A chimney repair is best completed as quickly and efficiently as possible so why not leave it to the professionals? At Acorn Property Improvements we can deal with a range of chimney repairs and improvements.

From pointing to relining, pot replacement, and full chimney rebuilds we can do it all If you’re looking for chimney repairs Cambridge based, get in touch with us today for your free no-obligation quote.